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How far can you drive on a flat tire? ( Without Damaging the Wheel )

How far can you drive on a flat tire

Driving on a flat tire can take you how long? Imagine you are driving on a straight road listening to your favorite music and chilling out and driving your all troubles out. But who knows that there might be another trouble coming to you when you notice your tire pressure gauge dropping like 20psi, 15psi, 10, and 5. Now you know you are far away from any help and may take longer for the support...

How to use a torque wrench properly for tightening nuts or bolts – Step by Step

Using a torque wrench to fasten lug nuts, screws, bolts, or nuts for applying a specific torque.

The torque plays an essential role in our safety, and tightening down a bolt until it feels tight is no way to guarantee safety. Torque wrenches are designed to set the desired amount of torque value that reduces the chances of under-tightening and over- tightening of nuts or bolts. Whether you are a professional mechanic or even a car enthusiast. One thing you clearly noticed is that toolbox is...

7 DIY Practice’s to Clean up Minor Dents away from Car at Home ( Along Few Tactics )

Getting dent out of a car door by using a dent removal kit which is quick and reliable solution.

As we know, it is impossible to defend a car from getting road dirt, debris, bird’s shits, scratches, and dents while driving it on the naked road. If you are a competent driver and get success in saving your car or a truck during driving, But you never defend your vehicle from getting dents in a parking lot, in stuck traffic, or even in a marketplace. After getting dents, some...

5 Best chrome polishes to keep things clean, polish & safe – 2021

The best chrome polish is the solution to restore chrome finishes

The Best Chrome Polishes to keep Chrome finishes Clean, Polish & Safe – 2021 As we know naturally occurring elements known as chrome are used for plating rather than as a solid substance. Due to the ability to resist corrosion, it is used to create a thin layer over different material surfaces such as steel, brass, aluminum, plastic, copper, and stainless steel. And the best part about...

5 Best Aluminum Polish to Get Smooth & Shiny Surface – 2021

Cleaned aluminum surface with the help of the best aluminum polish

The Best Aluminum Polish to keep metal surface smooth & reflective – 2021 When we talk about aluminum, it’s a popular metal due to its lightness, hardness, and shiny attractive finish. And it is getting more popular every day and can be easily found in everyday life like in our cars, in our homes and our office. But the shiny attractive finish does not remain constant after some...

7 Best Microfiber Towels for Drying & Polishing your Cars – 2022

Drying a car with the best microfiber towel

What are the best microfiber towels on the market? If you are thinking about detailing your car internally or externally, you can’t go without microfiber towels.  They serve different purposes like drying, removing bird poop, debris and can also be used in waxing and polishing. People often don’t care what they are using, and they use old t-shirts, dusting cloth for drying and cleaning their...

The best wheel bearings to keep friction-free movement – 2021

The best wheel bearings & hub assembly keep tires & wheels rotation smooth

6 best wheel bearings & hub assembly to keep friction-free movement – 2021  A person who owns any vehicle is truly familiar with the bad wheel bearings symptoms, Like irregular noises, vibration, uneven tire wear, loose steering feel, wheel lock, and traction control or ABS malfunctioning. Usually, the wheel bearings perform a big role in any vehicle’s drivetrain because they...

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