5 Best Brake Caliper Grease in 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The best brake caliper grease to lubricate the brake pads, pins, sliders, & calipers.

Like other car parts such as suspension, steering, and mechanical joints, Brake pads, pins, sliders, and brake caliper also needs proper lubrication on time due to heavy wear and tear.

A formulation of brake caliper grease with different ingredients protects the mechanical moving parts against friction. Its essential function is to keep the mechanical moving parts working smoothly and correctly.

After doing a lot of research and advice from experts, we have the best brake caliper grease list to lubricate the brake pads, pins, sliders, and brake calipers, including types and considerations and answers to the most frequently asked questions in 2022.

Caution: Some of the brands mentioned below also sells a lubricant in a near-identical package that is not ideal for brake use. So, make sure before grabbing the right one for your brake job.

1) Top Rated the best brake caliper grease- Mission Automotive Silicone Paste Grease

Mission Automotive silicone paste dielectric grease

The mission automotive dielectric grease is thick with excellent corrosion protection and water-resistant ability.

This silicone-based dielectric grease offers low viscosity and easily withstands high temperature and pressure situations.

It is perfect for automotive, electrical, and marine and is equally effective on all materials, including metal, rubber, and plastic.

The Combination of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and a silicon-based organic polymer makes it an ideal choice for various applications from automotive to industrial usage.

Due to bearing heavy temperature for extended periods with water-resistant ability, this grease is the perfect protection for your brakes.

Because it seals the brake components and protects them against rust, dirt, and debris.

Easily withstands high temperature & pressure situationsThe brush is large & hard
Perfect for automotive, electrical, & marineGreat for most demanding jobs but not for everything
Comes with the water-resistant abilityBrush grab a lot of product sticking to it when comes out

2) Runner up – Permatex Ceramic Extreme Brake Lubricant

Permatex Ceramic Extreme brake lubricant

Permatex brake lubricant is full of synthetic lubricant containing real ceramic solids to provide extreme performance under the most critical braking conditions.

This grease assures that critical brake parts remain lubricated throughout the brake pad life that extends the life of your equipment.

It easily bears low and high-temperature of -65 degrees Fahrenheit to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit rather than others.

A non-melting purple formula lasts longer and efficiently performs better than ordinary caliper greases and traditional disc brake quiet lubricants.

This brake lubricant features corrosion inhibitors and provides superior protection during water-resistant.

The Permatex brake lubricant is compatible with internal/external caliper hardware, pistons, brushings, rubber sleeves, and seals.

Provides extreme performance in critical conditionsA little bit of messy stuff
Features corrosion inhibitorsBrush gets bent easily
Provides water-resistantA little pricey
Compatible with internal/external caliper hardware

3) Premium pack – 3M Silicone Paste Grease

3M Silicone paste grease

A non-melting with excellent water-resistant ability comes with a 100% solid silicone compound designed to protect surfaces from oxidation, making it the perfect lubricating product to have you around.

It can also use as a general-purpose lubricant for brakes and works excellent for O rings and weatherstripping.

The 3M silicone grease comes in a thick paste with a brush attached to the inside of the can lid that helps you during application and keep this paste from being washed out easily.

It is safe and equally effective for use on all types of materials, including metal, rubber, and plastic in your vehicle.

The 3M silicone grease is more expensive than other products on the market, yes, but it can last up to more routine workes, even if you have multiple vehicles, Making it value for the money and a long-lasting product.

Excellent water-resistant abilityTakes a long time to apply due to its thickness
Comes in a thick pasteEasily brush gets bent
Safe & effective to use on all types of materials
Comes with a brush attached to the inside of the can lid

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4) Best budget – AGS SIL-Glyde Silicone Based Lubricant

AGS SIL-Glyde Silicone Based Lubricant

This will be your next lube if you are looking for a budget lube for brake jobs.

Because several other brands on the market make silicone greases for brake calipers, they cost as much and do not last as long as this one.

The SIL-Glyde brake lubricant is compatible and effective for your entire braking system and is designed to stop your brakes from squealing.

It does not come with a dedicated brush for application. It only comes with a squeezable tube that is easy to use because you can release the right amount with little waste.

The SIL-Glyde brake lubricant is compatible with the metal surfaces to prevent wear, corrosion, and brake squeal.

It is also safe and equally effective for EPDM, nitrile rubber surfaces, and plastics.

This brake lubricant is moisture resistant and works well as melt resistant, and operates in conditions up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s also designed to minimize vibrations between contact points and works well on piston boots, pin guides, covers, and housings.

Budget lube for brake jobsGood stuff for most demanding jobs but not good for every brake-related job
Compatible & effective for an entire braking system
Comes in a squeezable tube ( easy to use )
Designed to minimize vibrations between contact points

5) CRC Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease

CRC Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease

The synthetic grease from CRC works well to help keep disc and drum braking systems from binding sticking and stops noise-causing vibrations thanks to the synthetic formula that won’t wash out.

It works very well with all types of brake components, including disk brake pads, pivot pointers, self-adjusters, O-rings, calipers,

And other components that see metal on metal or sliding metal contact to help ensure long braking system life.

Great stuff comes with its own brush attached to the lid that helps you during application and keeps this paste from being washed out easily.

It contains molybdenum, PFTE, and graphite and can easily bear and handles low and high-temperature from (-40°F to 400°F).

Synthetic grease from CRCGrease gets stuck with a brush & harder to it take off
Its formula won’t wash outA little disappointment in certain types of rubber gets SWELL
Works well with all types of brake components
Easily bear & handles low & high-temperature from (-40°F to 400°F)

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Best Brake Caliper Grease ( Buying Guide )

There are some things that you should consider before buying the best brake caliper grease.


The brake caliper greases come in three different types with different benefits and usage.

1) Mineral Oil-Based Grease

This type of grease is traditional grease, and it uses petroleum-based products as a lubricating material. 

It performs worse at high temperature, pressure, and torque applications conditions.

The petroleum-based grease is not compatible with wheel bearings, rubber seals, and brake parts as silicone and synthetic grease are.

It also runs louder than silicone and synthetic grease with high-speed applications.

Note: We strongly advise not to use oil-based grease for brake jobs.

2) Synthetic Grease

This type of grease is general-purpose grease, and it offers more or less viscosity, additives, moisture resistance, and withstands extreme working temperatures.

The synthetic grease common ingredients include graphite, Polyalphaolefin (PAO), molybdenum disulfide (moly), and Teflon are used in various proportions.

Synthetic grease combines two or more synthetic materials such as synthetic oils, a mixture of thickeners, bases, and petroleum oils.​

This type of grease has both oils and additives as synthetic materials.

3) Silicone Grease

This type of grease is made with silica materials, a thick material used to create a protective barrier on metal to help prevent corrosion and oxidation.

It is safe to use on more brake materials such as rubber, metal, and plastic.

Due to new chemical technology, it is known for its thick viscosity, consistency, and withstand at extreme working temperatures.

This type of grease works well as an erosion inhibitor and for a purpose that requires a thicker oil.


In simple words, the viscosity of grease refers to thickness.

The higher the number means a thicker viscosity, more friction protection will stay, and the lower the number means more liquid and less friction protection will drip out.

So, the longer your lubricant stays in place, the longer it will protect your brake parts, including O-rings, calipers, disk brake pads, or self-adjusters.


The ability to hold extreme operating temperatures with heavy load bearing due to the excess heat generated by friction between calipers and brake pads, metal-on-metal contact makes this grease type the perfect choice for the disc, drum, and brake caliper application.

So, the brake caliper grease should be able to bear an extreme operating temperature in all situations and climates.

Water resistance

Water-resistant is one of the most essential factors which can’t be neglected before selecting the best brake caliper grease.

Some grease manufacturers feature high and low water-resistant levels with some other features.

But water-resistant lubricants serve as the perfect protection for your brakes and can keep moisture out, preventing rust and corrosion.


The grease application depends on the grease certification. Some grease comes classified as all-purpose (AP) grease with higher operating temperatures and greater viscosity.

But on the other hand, some are classified as multi-purpose grease with low operating temperatures and less viscosity than (AP) grease.

So, make sure to grab the right one for your brake job.


Generally, people make common mistakes when picking up brake lubricant due to a near-identical package or another reason; they pick a general lube instead of a brake lubricant.

Brake calipers are more sensitive instruments, and most lubricants are not designed to fulfill their specific needs.

So, grab the right one for your brake caliper jobs.


Our best recommendation is “Mission Automotive Silicone Paste Grease” because it is thick with excellent water-resistant ability and easily withstands high-temperature situations.

If anyone does not want to go with “Mission Automotive Silicone Paste Grease” due to some reasons, then best to go with “3M Silicone Paste Grease” because it is compatible with internal/external caliper hardware.

If you are looking for a budget lube for brake jobs, then “AGS SIL-Glyde Silicone Based Lubricant” will be your next lube.

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