7 best car polishers for beginners- buy in 2022 (review & guide)

What are the best car polishers for beginners to start with?

Does your car start to show its signs of age? If yes, then you are probably in the right place. Only washing your car with the best car wash soaps may not be enough if you are looking for the shine your car has on day 1.

People often travel towards the garage for this work. But why spending extra bucks when you can easily do it yourself at home and you don’t have to be a professional to do this work all you need is to read the manual and start with the best car polisher.

Here is the list of the best car polisher for beginners to start with and that can come in handy for DIY.

1. Top rated the best car polisher for beginner – DEWALT Polisher (DWP849X)

DEWALT Polisher DWP849X 7 or 9 inches is the best car polisher for beginners

As a beginner DEWALT polisher (DWP849X) is the best and user friendly. DEWALT is a very renowned company and they provide great services to its users by their user-friendly products.

This best car polishing machine for beginners has a 12 amp powerful motor and Conveniently located speed dials which enable users to manage the speed for different situations and materials. The speed dials allow managing speed from 0 to 600 or 3500 rotations per minute (rpm).

Moreover, it has a built-in wool ingestion shield which eliminates every kind of wool or other material from entering the machine during use and hence increases its lifespan and reduces its cost for service. It comes with a Non-mar Rubber case upper as well as side handle grips.

Adjustable dials allow managing speed for different materialsIt gets a little heat up after a couple of hours of use
Upper and side handle rubber grips
Powerful motor with soft start is paint friendly
Wool ingestion shield reduces maintenance or repair cost

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2. Runner up – PORTER-CABLE Polisher (7424XP)

PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher, 6-Inch (7424XP) is the best car polisher for beginners

PORTER-cable 6 inch car polisher is the best car polisher for the money with the 4.5 amp powerful motor that delivers swirl-free polishing action. It is the dual-action and the best car polisher for beginners to use because it doesn’t cause any paint damage due to orbital action.

It offers variable-speed management features to apply on different surfaces from 2500 to 6800 orbits per minute (OPM). 6-inch sanding/polishing base plate allows polishing every point on the surface.

Moreover, the 2 position (left and right) removable handle rubber grips add great comfort and control for the user.

Swirl -free polishing is great for beginners to use a polisher without any riskDoesn’t have a wool ingestion shield so may require repairing after using for a couple of months
Variable speed dials allow orbit rotation from 2500 to 6800
Two sides removable rubber handle is best for grip

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3. Premium pack – DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Polisher (DCM848B)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Polisher 5-Inch

DEWALT 20v max polisher comes with a brushless efficient motor for better performance and long run time and has the ability to produce 2000 to 5500 orbits per minute (OPM). DEWALT (DCM848B) is the best cordless car polisher for beginners.

A variable speed dial is located on the front side of the machine and helps in adjusting orbiting speed for different materials or surfaces. Because orbiting speed is different for polishing headlights, windshield, and glass as compared to the main body.

It has a 2.1-inch orbit diameter with the 5-inch base plate included in the pack and is helpful for most of the surfaces. The entire gadget is over mold with a rubber case for better grip and avoiding imperfection during the polishing and is operated by 20v chargeable battery.

Brushless and the efficient motor is quite powerful and produce 2000 to 5500 OPMBattery and charger are not included in the pack
It is a 20v cordless battery-operated machine that may be very helpful for some usersA small battery like 2 ah may not work well with it and we need at least a 5 or 6 ah battery
Dual-action polisher prevents you from the risk of paint burn

4. Makita 9237C 10 Amp Variable Speed Polisher

Makita 9237C 10 Amp 7-Inch Variable Speed Polisher

MAKITA 9237C has a powerful motor of 10 amp which has the ability to produce a maximum of 3000 rotations per minute (rpm). It has built-in wire mesh isolation for preventing the wool from entering the motor thus increasing its life and durability.

It has a built-in soft start feature which enables the beginners to handle and polish better when the machine or motor starts and a variable dial allows adjusting the speed for different surfaces.

Lock-on-button is a very helpful feature and allows the user to polish without any discomfort, we just only have to adjust the speed and lock the button and it allows continuous operation afterward.

We don’t need to press and hold the button, the lock-on-button is helpful for continuous operationIt is not a dual action polisher and the user as a beginner must be careful while polishing
Comes with both loop and side handle with rubber grip
Wire mesh intake covers and prevents the wool from entering the machine thus increases its motor’s life
The 7-inch backing plate helps polish large surface in less time

5. Shurhold 3500 Professional Dual Action Polisher

Shurhold 3500 Professional Grade Long Throw Dual Action Polisher

Shurhold 3500 has a powerful motor 0f 7.5 amp and comes with a variable speed dial for adjusting the speed from 1800 to 4800 orbits per minute (OPM). It is the best orbital car polisher for beginners. The 21mm orbit prevents the user from the risk of paint burn.

Multiple speed option is very helpful like low speed for waxing, medium speed is for polishing or cleaning and the high speed is for removing tough paint defects. It has a 6 inches backing plate for better and less time-consuming polish.

As it is a dual-action polisher so it reduces the risk of any paint or surface burn. It has a D-shaped rubber handle grip for perfect polishing and better handling.

It comes in a carrying bag with D-handle, 6 inches backing plate, and 6 variable speed controlsThe build quality of the gadget is not super rated
Lock-on-button is very helpful for continuous operation with pressing and holding the buttonHas heating issues after the use of a couple of hours
D-shaped rubber handle for proper handling

6. WEN 948 10 Amp Variable Speed Polisher

WEN 948 10 Amp Variable Speed Polisher with Digital Readout 7 inches

WEN 948 has a powerful motor of 10 amp with a digital speed reading gauge or readout on the gadget. Moreover, it has a variable speed dial which enables to adjust the speed from 1500 to 3500 orbits per minute (OPM) for different surfaces and applications with an increment of 500 rpm.

It has 7 inches of backing plate with the woolen fleece for polishing. Moreover, it is good for waxing, compounding, buffing, and deoxidizing. and has attached a loop for better grip while polishing.

Built-in digital readout helps in reading the speed for better polishing with respect to different surfacesIt has woolen fleece and does not have any wool insolation on its motor so may need maintenance after using it for a couple of months
Woolen fleece for better sensitive polishingBuild quality is not up to the mark
Reasonable price as compared to other competitors
It is lightweight and easy to use with one hand

7. WEN 94810 10-Amp Variable Speed Polisher and Power Sander

WEN 94810 10-Amp 7-Inch Variable Speed Polisher and Power Sander

If you are looking to polish your car on a budget then WEN 94810 variable speed polisher may help. It has a powerful 10 amp motor with a variable speed dial that can deliver a maximum speed of 1000 to 3500 orbits per minute (OPM) with an increment of 100 rpm.

Onboard digital readout displays the speed you are using during the polish. It comes in a pack along with the reversible side handle, a polishing pad, a sanding pad, a foam pad, and a polishing towel for different applications.

Best for budget polishingBuild quality is not up to the mark
Comes along with a sand pad, polishing pad, foam, and a towelSpeed under the load may not feel too much for removing defective paints
The hook-and-loop base pad makes it easy installation and removal of pads, and sandpaper

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Best car polisher for beginners Buying Guide

When polishing or buffing (both used for the same term) your car a person has to be very careful because, in the end, you wanted to make your car looks better instead of burning or damaging the paint.

It is not as difficult as it used to be in the past because of the tools in the market which are so user friendly that even you as a beginner can deal with the polish job as perfect as a professional. here are some of the factors which may help you in buying the right gadget for your need.

Factors to consider before choosing the polisher for your car

1. Types of car polisher

There are basically three types of car polisher Rotatory, Random orbital, Dual action (DA).


The professional mostly use this type of car polisher because of its powerful motor. It focuses or buffs the same area repeatedly and mostly used for a flawless finish or removing the paint defects. It is only recommended for professionals only because there is a risk of paint burn when using this type as a beginner.

Random Orbital.

This type of car polisher is more towards the safest side when used for polishing cars at home or for DIY. Because of its random oscillation it doesn’t focus or put pressure on the same area but targeting areas around it. It may not produce much flawless finish but when may require more work to be done to reach the result of the rotatory polisher.

Dual Action polisher.

It is the safest type of car polisher as compared to the above-mentioned because it moves or oscillates in a circular motion randomly. As a beginner, it is very user-friendly and it prevents the risk of applying more pressure at the same point so there is very less risk of paint burn when using this type of car polisher.

2. Speed

Remember the more speed doesn’t produce the best result but it may increase the chance of producing heat which may result in paint burn. It is better to look for a variable speed dial on the gadget. Different car polisher comes with different speed increments like 100 or 500 rpm it is better to optimize the speed according to your need.

3. Hand Control or Grip

It is one of the most important factors to consider when buying the car polisher suitable for you because, in the end, all that matters is our ease of using the gadget. In the market, the different brands offer different hand grips to make it comfortable to use during polishing like a loop or D-shaped grip and dual (left and right) handle grip. It is better to go with one that has multiple choices.

4. Vibration

Vibration often irritates people when they are polishing for the last couple of hours and may also cause imperfection in the work when not doing it carefully. so it is recommended to buy the polishing machine that has lesser vibration as well as higher safety measures in them.

Which is the best car polisher to buy as a beginner?

As a beginner, It is recommended to buy the Dual action car polisher which has many users and maintenance-friendly features like wool or wire ingestion shield this will save a lot of bucks spending on its maintenance. and multiple handle rubber grips as well as light in weight to work for long hours. It should produce less vibration and have more safety measures.

How easy it is to polish a car with the machine?

It has made it a lot easier to polish a car with the machine if we go in the past for some minutes than seeing it may be feeling how difficult was the traditional way of polishing a car liking rubbing it for a couple of hours with hands.


After going through all the above-mentioned factors and products it is recommended to buy the DEWALT Polisher (DWP849X) 7-Inch/9-Inch because of its never ignored features like wool ingestion shield, handle grips and a powerful motor which is user friendly but it is advised to use it on medium or low speed because it is not dual-action and there is a risk if you run it on high speed with too much pressure may damage the paint job.

But if you are looking for the dual-action car polisher without any tension of the risk of paint burn with all the user-friendly features then DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Polisher 5-Inch (DCM848B) is another best choice and it is cordless too.

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