7 Best Cordless Impact Wrench for work in the Garage – 2022

The Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive work in the Garage – 2022

After thinking about the wrench, the first thought that comes to mind is a tool designed to loosen and tighten the bolts or nuts. 

If you are professional or love to do The DIY project, you agree with us. The wrench is the heart of the toolbox and plays an essential role in the garage and home. 

This tool comes in different types with different drive sizes for another usage.

If we just talk about the impact wrenches. Usually, the impact wrenches come in three types. Air impact wrench (pneumatic), Electric corded impact wrench, and Cordless impact wrench.

The best and innovative form of impact wrench is the cordless impact wrench. 

Basically, This is cordless handheld tool comes with powerful batteries and is perfect for working in the garage and at home.

Here is the list of the best cordless impact wrench based on reliability, quality, performance, and other considerations.

1. Top Rated the best cordless impact wrench – DEWALT ½ inch drive size

DEWALT Cordless impact wrench

The DEWALT (DCF899HB) cordless impact wrench is the best for automotive work in the garage and perfect for using for lug nuts. 

It comes with a brushless motor that boasts a max 700 foot/pounds of torque and breakaway torque of 1,200 feet /pounds and can generate up to 1,900 RPMs 

This impact wrench is designed for heavy-duty performance and can easily handle during tough jobs

This DEWALT 20V MAX cordless impact wrench comes with a 1/2 inch anvil with hog ring and also available in a detent pin.

It comes with variable speed selection, so you can change the amount of torque according to the task at hand.

It is durable and robust and can handle up to a 6-8ft drop. 

This impact wrench comes with an LED light that allows you to work in dark spaces.

Durable and lightweightBattery and Charger not included
3 Speed SelectorExpensive
LED light includedOnly 3 years warrenty
Powerful impact wrench

Finding the best floor jack is as much important as finding the right impact wrench for repairing or maintenance sessions of your car.

2. Runner up –  Makita 1/2 inch anvil cordless impact wrench

Makita cordless impact wrench

The Makita XWT08Z 18-volt Cordless impact wrench comes with a 1/2 inch anvil with friction ring for quick and easy socket changes.

This impact wrench comes with a brushless motor that can generate 740 feet pounds of Max Torque and 1,180 feet pounds of breakaway torque.

It comes with 3-speed power selector control (0-900/0-1,000/0-1,800 RPM & 0-1,800/0-2,000/0-2,200 IPM).

Its greater level of control helps you from over-tightening of the bolts or nuts in one direction

This impact wrench comes with reverse rotation autostop mode that detects the fastener is loose.

The Makita impact wrench motor has electronic controls to make its 2.0 Ah batteries run efficiently, causing its battery’s life 50 percent longer. 

It is lightweight and comes with a compact design, and can easily fit into tight spaces

The Makita impact wrench is a little more on the pricey side, but its compact design, versatile tool usage with a comfortable pistol grip makes it worthy

2.0Ah batteryExpensive
Reverse auto stop modeSome people are not satisfied with the quality
Rapidly charged
Easily fit into tight spaces

3. Premium choice – Milwaukee 1/2 inch Impact Wrench kit

Milwaukee cordless impact wrench

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18-Volt comes with a 1/2 inch anvil with a friction ring designed for heavy-duty performance

It comes with 1,000 feet/pounds of torque.

The Milwaukee impact wrench included a 4-speed power selector that allows you to control and customize the power output

Its perfect level of control and customized power output helps the user avoid over-tightening the bolts or nuts in one direction

It detects and reduces the reverse rotation when the fastener is loose.

The Milwaukee impact wrench is made with high-quality material and comes with a comfortable grip.

This power kit costs you more and is included with the 5-Ah battery and charger

But its power output and its versatile usage with comfortable grip make the investment worthwhile.

4 Speed power selectorPrice
Powerful battery included
More Powerful

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4. Best Two in One – BOSCH cordless impact wrench kit

BOSCH Brushless impact wrench

The BOSCH is a hybrid solution two-in-one impact driver and impact wrench and with a powerful EC brushless motor.

Usually, A single tool comes with two different performance ways that can actually do one thing better than the other one.  

But, it’s totally the opposite in the case of the Bosch 18-Volt Impact Wrench.

It’s a perfect impact driver and an impact wrench at the same time.

This comes with ¼ inch hex screwdriver bits and a ½ inch impact socket

Mostly different tools require adapters and another extension for complicated work or tasks.

But you don’t need to search around for such stuff in the case of the BOSCH cordless impact wrench. 

It comes with a powerful brushless motor that delivers a max torque of 1,800 in-lbs and up to 4,200 IPM.

The BOSCH cordless impact wrench kit included a battery, charger, case (soft), and belt clip.

Two in one solution driver & wrenchQuality is good but not like others have
Great in working dark spaces

Here we mentioned how to use the most commonly used types of torque wrenches properly step by step. ( with some tips for beginners and professionals )

5. Best Affordable – PORTER-CABLE impact wrench

PORTER-CABLE impact wrench

The PORTER-CABLE cordless impact wrench comes with a 1/2 inch hog ring for quick and easy socket changes

It is a powerful tool and comes with a powerful motor that produces 260 feet pounds of torque with 1,650 rpm’s.

So you can use it for fasteners, large nuts or bolts quickly

It also allows you fully variable speed control.

This PORTER-CABLE cordless impact wrench is included with a pro-grade lithium battery for maximum performance.

It works forward and reverses and switches quickly with one hand

It is an ideal tool for removing lug nuts on vehicles and perfect for quickly changing out nuts or bolts at home on lightweight items such as furniture.

DurableQuality is good but not like others
Fully variable speed controlPower is optimal but not like others
Powerful motor

6. Best Kit – DEWALT 3/8 inch cordless impact wrench

DEWALT Cordless impact wrench with hog ring

The DEWALT (DCF883M2) comes with a 3/8 anvil with a hog ring to easily change sockets.

This comes with 20v and is designed for tight spaces and included with LED lights to work better in dark areas.

It comes with lithium-Ion batteries with a fuel gauge that provides 33% more capacity than standard packs.

This wrench has a compact design and anti-slip grip that makes it more comfortable during work.

It also allows you to control and customize power according to your need.

This impact wrench has a brushless motor that delivers 2,300 rpm and up to 2,700 ipm.

LightweightOnly 3 years warranty
DurableLittle bit pricey
Comfortable grip
Batteries included

7. Best High torque kit – Ingersoll Rand cordless impact wrench

Ingersoll Rand Cordless impact wrench

If you are looking for a powerful tool with a kit. That comes in a lightweight with durable and high-quality material, this cordless impact wrench kit is the best choice for you

This kit comes with all needy tools with a high-performance cordless impact wrench.

It also allows you to control and customize power according to working conditions.

This impact wrench is a perfect fit in all situations and will be the best choice for heavy-duty performance

High Quality materialExpensive
More powerful
Comes with charger & 2 powerful batteries

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Things to consider before choosing the cordless impact wrench

1) Motors

Usually, impact wrenches come with two different types of motors. One is a brushed motor, and another one is a brushless motor.

Both come with some pros and cons. The brushed motor comes with more parts and is less expensive.

On the other hand, the brushless motor comes with more minor parts and is more expensive than a brushed motor.

A brushed motor is less reliable and needs more maintenance, but a brushless motor is more reliable and requires less maintenance.

Impact wrench with brushless motor costs you more than brushed motor, but their reliability and less maintenance make it worthy.

2) Batteries

The power mechanism and working hours behind the cordless impact wrench are batteries.

The cordless impact wrench gets power from batteries.

Usually, the cordless impact wrench comes with different battery sizes.

The impact wrench with 12volts is considered less powerful, and it is designed for minor working conditions.

A wrench with 18volts is considered to have more power than 12volts.

If a wrench comes with 20volts, it is considered to have more power than others.

But it is difficult to say anything about the running time or working hours of batteries.

The only and the best way can roughly gauge, putting the volt and amp-hour rating together.

3) Power

The power of the impact wrench can be determined by checking these three elements, Torque, RPM, and IPM.

RPM is a revolution per minute that represents and tells how fast an impact wrench can drive your fasteners.

IPM is impacts per minute that represent the number of implications from the hammer.

4) Drive Size

Wrenches come in different drive sizes for further usage.

Usually, drive sizes are 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 or 1 inch.

Every drive size of wrenches is designed to perform a specific task depending upon the task’s size and spaces.

It should also be considered the drive size of the wrench before purchasing the wrench.

5) Grip

The grip is an essential part of every wrench because the wrench is a handheld tool.

While tightening the bolts or nuts if you have a solid grip that gives you more control.

Many wrenches come with a soft and anti-slip industrial-grade grip to make working easy for multiple hours.

Nowadays, many manufacturers are adding this feature as a standard feature.

What is the purpose of using cordless impact wrench?

It is used for loosening and tightening the bolts or nuts, that are difficult for other traditional wrenches.

What are the benefits of using cordless impact wrench?

A cordless impact wrench comes with a lot of benefits, but they help you from over-tightening of the bolts or nuts in one direction and comes with reverse rotation autostop mode that detects the fastener is looses.

What drive sizes of the cordless impact wrenches use for removing lug nuts?

1/2 and 3/8 inch anvil of the cordless impact wrenches are the best sizes use for removing lug nuts.

It is advice to proper lubricate the nuts that have rust on it with the best grease gun for smooth and proper removing of them and to avoid any damage.


After going through all the factors mentioned above, our best pick for you is DEWALT ½ inch drive size cordless impact wrench. Due to its Reliability, Quality, Power, Lightweight, and grip.

But if someone is looking for more power and easier to fit in tight spaces with premium features, then Milwaukee 1/2 inch cordless Impact Wrench is perfect to go. Due to more ability and other premium-quality factors.

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