7 best engine degreasers for 2021 (buying guide & reviews)

What are the best engine degreasers for 2021

Now did you get less performance from your car as compared to the first six months when you bought it? Well, there are many reasons for that but the main reason is you didn’t take good care of your car’s engine by keeping it clean.

Though it may be the most disliked act for many people because it is under the hood and nobody is gonna see it. But it plays a vital role when it comes to the performance of your car.

There are a lot of engine cleaners or degreasers with different brands out there in the market so it may get confusing for many people. So, we have made a list of the best engine degreaser for you on your scroll.

1. Top rated the best engine degreaser – Gunk EB1CA Engine Degreaser

Gunk EB1CA best Engine Degreaser review

Gunk EB1CA is the best engine degreaser spray that can easily clean all kinds of dirt, toughest grease, and debris from the car’s engine which increases its performance and makes the car ready to go.

This best engine degreaser on the market comes in a pack of 12 and you can also buy it single, it all depends on your need and work. It is a 15-ounce bottle that contains the degreaser in liquid form.

It has heavy-duty cleaning formula we just have to spray it on the surface and then rinse it off with clean water.

Dissolve and Pull crap in front of your eyes in no timeThe strong chemical smell may be irritating for some users
The liquid formula is filled in a spray bottle to directly sprinkle it on the dirty areasA single bottle of 15 ounces may not be enough and have to buy more
Reasonable price
Environmentally friendly

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2. Runner up – S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle

S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner or best engine degreaser Bottle

S1000 total cycle cleaner is the best engine degreaser for cars, motorcycle engines and small equipment like lawn motor etc.

This engine degreaser is environmentally friendly or biodegradable and is safe for paints, chrome, alloys, bearings, o rings, etc.

It comes in a big cane of 1.32 gallons and at a reasonable price with working very efficiently on dirt, debris containing areas.

Non-acidic and PH controlled makes it environmentally friendlyHave to buy a sprayer bottle separately
Safe for all surfaces like rubber, paint, alloys, bearings, etcA little over-priced as compared to its competitors
Cleans in no time so spend more time riding than cleaning

3. Premium pack – Gunk SC3 Super Concentrate Engine Degreaser

Gunk SC3 the best Engine degreaser review

Gunk SC super concentrate degreaser is best engine degreaser for oil, dirt and debris which is sticked to your car’s engine for a long period of time because it is very efficient in its work.

This engine degreaser dilutes with kerosene oil and other petroleum solvents. It comes in a white plastic cane of 1 gallon which is quite helpful in cleaning a car’s engine, other machinery, metal parts, and floors.

Very easy to use, Just spray over and see craps felling offDoesn’t come with a spray bottle and have to buy it separately
Works very well and does not harm any surface

4. Griot’s Garage 11158 Engine Cleaner or Degreaser

Griot's Garage 11158 the Engine Cleaner or degreaser

Opening your hood is like opening a jewelry box and revealing the best and eye-catching gem under the hood. So, it is very important to keep it clean for its appearance as well as performance.

Griot’s engine cleaner or degreaser helps you loosen the grease, grumps, or debris so that it could be easy to rinse it off and make it clean and tidy. for a very highly sticky grease use a very strong greaser cleaner first because this is more towards a cleaner.

It comes in a plastic cane of 1 gallon.

It is best for moderately up kept car’s engineIt is not suitable for very hard to remove or sticky grease rather buy strong degreaser in that case
It is more towards the cleaner than degreaser and work best for plastic or sensitive surfacesNeeds to apply other oil or grease remover before applying this engine cleaner
It easily loosens the grease, debris, or dirt but a little scrubbing and rinsing off adds more to it

5. Aero Cosmetics Wash All Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Aero Cosmetics Wash All Multi-Purpose the best engine degreaser and cleaner

Aero cosmetics is the multi-purpose engine degreaser and cleaner which can be used on all types of surfaces like plastic, rubber, painted areas, etc

It is a water-based alcohol-free engine degreaser that can be wiped with a dry towel after using and there is no need to wash it with water just clean it and you are ready to go.

Aero cosmetics multi-purpose engine cleaner is environmentally friendly and comes in a white plastic bottle of 128 ounces.

It is water-based and can be wiped out with a dry towelNot suitable for very hard to remove grease stains
Environmentally friendlyWorks well after applying the strong engine degreaser because it is more towards cleaner than degreaser.
Works great on engine, tires, diesel exhaust, etc
Alcohol-free and can be used with or without water

6. WD-40 Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray

WD-40 Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray

WD-40 machine and engine degreaser have foaming action which penetrates deep into the crevices to give the new and fresher look and maintain the good engine performance and helps in the last longer.

This engine degreaser has a low-residue water-based formula and it is equipped with a nozzle for long-distance spray up-to 5 feet and a precision streamed straw for targeting the specific area.

It quickly removes dirt, oil, grease stains, etc, and works best on the car, truck engines, and other small machinery. Comes in an aerosol can of 18 ounces.

The water-based foaming action helps remove dirt, oil and grease easily and fastlyA small bottle of 18 ounces may not be enough
Comes along with a nozzle and straw for better targeting the specific areaA good engine shine may be required after it for shiny and better surface
The nozzle helps in penetrating the foam in deep crevices up-to 5 feet

7. STP Car & Engine Cleaner Wipes

STP Car & Engine Cleaner Wipes the best engine degreaser

STP cleaning and engine degreaser are fibrous wipes with heavy-duty formula helpful in removing the grease, grime, and oil from the different engine parts.

These wipes are scrubby in nature and cut through the grease very easily. They are biodegradable and have a pleasing citrus fragrance.

Comes in a single plastic bottle and each bottle contains 30 wipes and the dimension of each wipe is 7″ x 10″. They are very convenient and easy to carry everywhere.

Convenient and easy to carry everywhereThese are only wipes not suitable for large surface cleaning
Pleasing citrus fragranceWet enough that you may need a dry towel to wipe residue afterward
Scrubby in nature
Cuts through the grease, oil and thin enough to clean every part of the engine

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Best Engine Degreaser Buying Guide

Neat and clean engine lasts long as compared to the tidy one, This is the fact that more wear and tear of the engine without its proper care can reduces its performance.

People often consider spending less bucks without considering the factors important in buying the engine degreaser and they end-up with disappointment . They didn’t pay attention that they spent a lot of bucks in buying a car and it require proper attention to last longer.

But don’t worry we are here to solve your problem by telling you the different types and factors to consider before buying the engine degreaser which will be best for you if you buy it afterward. and don’t worry about the dollars you pay we may also keep into consideration and keep it as minimum as we can and provide you the best engine degreaser.

Types of Engine Degreaser

Here are the types of engine degreaser to keep in mind and this may help a user while buying the engine degreaser.

1. Petroleum Based

Petroleum based engine degreasers are very strong in nature and are very helpful in removing the sticky and difficult to remove grease or oil stains.

But at the same time you must be aware of that they are very strong and when applied to the sensitive parts like painted areas, plastic, etc they may leave an impact on that so you should be aware of that and read for the features of that engine degreaser that if they mentioned it or not that they are plastic and paint friendly.

Moreover they have very strong and pitchy fragrance and may be irritating for most of the users. So, if you don’t want to drive your car with a window down so check if they added the pleasing citrus fragrance like most brands offer in them.

2. Water Based

Water based engine degreaser are mild in nature as compared to the petroleum based and you don’t have to worry about its nature that is they are friendly with plastic or not because it is already mentioned that they are friendly with plastic and paint jobs.

Though they are more towards the engine cleaners but they could be made stronger with proper formulation. So, check for the specification of water based engine degreaser that if they allow to clean sticky grease, oils and grime from the engine and other parts of the vehicle.

They are little expensive then the petroleum based engine degreaser because they need proper formulation and petroleum based are already strong in nature. Moreover some come with the pleasing citrus fragrance already in them.

3. Foam Cleaners

Foam cleaners are a little different in nature from the two mentioned above, they are foamy in nature and when applied on the engine or other parts take 1 to 2 minutes to take their action, and afterward, they are rinsed off with the clean water.

In many cases, they came in a spray bottle along with the nozzle to spray over the engine parts and some people use scrubbing brush for better cleaning. Some foam cleaners also offer a pleasing fragrance.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Some other types of engine cleaners or degreaser mentioned above also mention in their specifications that they are biodegradable or environmentally friendly. They don’t cause any harm or pollution to nature.

If an engine cleaner or degreaser is environmentally friendly it does means that they are not effective in their nature. Some good brands like mentioned above offer that their product is biodegradable as well as effective to grease in nature.

Factors to consider while selecting the best engine degreaser

There are a lot of different brands as well as different types of engine degreaser for different purposes out in the market So, it may becomes quite confusing for some people to buy the best engine degreaser for their need.

Below we have mentioned some of the factors to consider that’s should be kept in mind before buying the the engine degreaser

1. Multi purpose

There are a lot of engine degreasers out in the market for different purposes But some engine degreasers are formulated as or possess such features that they can be used for more than one purpose. Like they can be used for cleaning lawn motors or other small machinery, bearings, etc along with the engine cleaning.

They are mild in nature that they does not cause any harm to the sensitive surfaces like plastic, rubber, and paint jobs.

2. Odor

Some of the engine degreasers are petroleum-based and they are very strong in nature So, they possess a strong and pitchy smell that can be irritating for some users.

While on the other hand some engine degreasers possess refreshing citrus fragrance So, if you have no irritation with strong petroleum based smell then its okay but if you have irritation then look for the fragrance they offer with you along with the engine degreaser.

3. Size

Different type of engine degreasers from different brands come in different size of bottles. It all depends on your requirement that you should consider before buying engine degreaser.

Some of the engine degreasers are volatile and they fly away in form of vapors. So if you buy degreaser more than your requirement and you put it in your garage on one side then there is a chance that they might probably be flying away and it is waste of your degreaser as well as money.

What can be used to clean the car’s engine?

A car’s engine is the most important part in the car as it keeps your car running. So, important parts require more care and attention. A regular household cleaner may not be enough for better cleaning as they are multi-purpose.

A good engine cleaner and degreaser for a specific purpose may be more helpful in taking good care of your car’s engine by better cleaning. As the car is our daily driven companion so grease and dirt may stick on the engine so, the best engine degreaser with a proper nozzle can be helpful because it may reach the narrow crevice of the car’s engine.

Which engine degreasers are more powerful?

Petroleum-based engine degreaser for the specific reason of removing the tough grease stains are more powerful as compared to the water-based because they are strong in nature.

As compared to the petroleum-based engine degreaser water-based are mild in nature and are more towards cleaners than degreaser. But some water-based with proper formulation for the specific purpose works well for the purpose of degreasing.

Is the engine degreaser harmful?

No, if you follow the instruction given on the product’s packing.

There are some other factors too. Like you should consider that is you are using the right degreaser for the right purpose? If your purpose is to remove tough grease stains then you must read the instruction that is this degreaser plastic or paint friendly.


After going through the all above mentioned products we suggest you to kindly match your situation and purpose of buying the best engine degreaser

Our best overall suggestion is Gunk EB1CA Engine Degreaser Because it is environmentally friendly as well as very efficient in its work.

If you are looking for the removing toughest grease stains and want a degreaser in large quantity then the S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner is also great.

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