5 Best Impact Socket Set for Your Toolbox – 2022 [ Reviews ]

The Best Impact Socket Sets for Your Toolbox in 2022 ( Top 5 Picks )

Whether you are a professional mechanic or DIY lover and love to do automotive projects.   

Every single automotive project needs a toolbox with useful tools and equipment.

Usually, Not every single toolbox is complete and needs update all the time according to the Projects.

The impact sockets are designed to use impact wrenches for greater torque to the head of a fastener than cannot be achieved with a traditional wrench.

The impact sockets is the useful addition to the toolbox and mostly sold in sets and come with a wide range of sizes, lengths and attachments.

But, every socket set comes with all the necessary sockets for specific projects and not included with all types and sizes.

You need to purchase a separate tool if it is not included in the set or select the tool set with widely used.

Here is the list of best impact socket sets with all useful necessary tools with wide usage in 2022.

1. Top Rated the best impact socket set – Sunex 2569  ½  Drive Master

Sunex impact socket set

The Sunex 2569 1/2 inch drive size is the best impact socket set in one master set with 43-pieces.

Every single piece of this set is made of high-quality CR-MO alloy steel to handle the high torque of impact tools.

This tool comes with radius corners designed to reduce wear that increases the torque on fasteners at the time of placing force on fastener walls.

The Sunex 2569 comes with both shallow and deep sockets ranging from 9mm to 30mm and also available in both versions metric and SAE. But this specific tool set comes in metric size.

This set is perfect for DIYer and professional automotive mechanics because it comes with all necessary tools for wide use with a heavy duty case.

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2. Runner up – GEARWRENCH ½ inch impact socket set

GEARWRENCH impact socket set

The GEARWRENCH 1/2 inch drive size comes with 29 pieces with 6 point impact sockets.

Every single piece of this set is made of high-quality CR-MO alloy steel to provide strength and durability.

This tool set comes with parallel necks features that allows you to work in tighter spaces.

The GEARWRENCH sockets are also available in both versions sizes like metric and SAE.

Usually, the impact sockets are sold in set but the GEARWRENCH allows you to purchase individual sockets or even in a set.

It also features off-corner loading technology to minimize the corner rounding and also included an attachment port that is suitable for traditional ratchets.

3. Premium choice – Neiko 1/2 inch impact socket set

Neiko impact socket se

The Neiko 02448A 1/2 inch drive size is the perfect impact socket set that comes with all useful tools in both shallow and deep sockets with SAE and metric sizes.

This tool set comes with 65-pieces and each socket is made of high quality chrome vanadium steel to provide strength and durability.

The Neiko impact sockets come with 1/2 inch drive size heads that are suitable with most impact wrenches.

But the set also allows to use it with multiple wrenches due to its ½-inch to ⅜-inch drive adapter.

This set comes with 14 deep and shallow SAE sockets sizes that ranging from ⅜ to 1¼ inches.

It also comes with 15 metric sockets sizes that range from 10 mm to 24 mm

This set also contains extension bars with different sizes like 3-inch, 5-inch, and 10-inch and handheld ratchet wrench.

The Neiko impact socket set also comes with storage and carrying case to keep sockets organized and safe.

Here we mentioned how to use the most commonly used types of torque wrenches properly step by step. ( with some tips for beginners and professionals )

4. Best Budget – DEWALT impact socket set

DEWALT impact socket set

The DEWALT (DW22812) impact socket set comes with an affordable price with 10 pieces and designed to work with wrenches and impact drivers that makes it worthy.

This set includes 8 sockets with 2 ¼-inch adapters and storage case with pivoting organization pins.

Every piece is made of high quality material and uses laser etching for better readability.

The DEWALT impact socket set socket includes recessed corners to reduce rounding that increase their lifespan.

This impact socket set, sockets come with a 1/2 inch drive size head that is capable with most wrenches.

5. Neiko 3/8 inch drive impact socket set

Neiko impact socket se...

The Neiko 02440A impact socket set comes with 44 pieces with 3/8 inch drive size.

It comes with both deep and shallow sockets with SAE and metric sizes

Each socket is made from impact grade chrome vanadium steel to provide strength and durability.

This set included additional accessories such as extension bars and a u joint adapter for restricted areas.

It comes with laser etched markings for better readability.

The Neiko socket set, socket features radius edges that prevent hardware damage while increasing the amount of torque.

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What to consider before buying the best impact socket set


Shallow sockets are designed to work on nuts where the nut or bolt head isn’t sunken around a stud an inch or less away from the bolt’s shaft. 

These sockets are often better for use in tight spaces where the deep ones can’t fit into and for shorter bolt heads because they are less likely to slip off. 

Shallow sockets are 38-40 mm (1-½”) in length and are considered the classic socket type. 


The deep socket is ideal for lugs or nuts and allows you to reach the nuts fastened onto bolts where threads are too long to contact the shallow socket. 

These sockets are more versatile and can be used as an alternative for a shallow socket in some cases.

Deep sockets are 78 mm (3-1/16”) long, making them capable of moving over a longer bolt’s exposed threads but not collapsing before hitting the nut. 

Extra deep

Extra deep sockets are not more necessary for daily use like  shallow sockets and deep sockets.

They are used for some specific job where shallow sockets and deep sockets cannot perform that job.


Quality is the most essential factor which can’t be compromised and we should consider it first before buying an impact sockets set.

When working with the high-force impact drivers, ensure that the socket set is engineered with industrial-grade chromium-molybdenum (Cr-Mo) steel. 

This is the material that is considered high-quality material for impact sockets.


It usually comes in two different types, deep and shallow, when it comes to depth of impact sockets.

If you’re looking for a more versatile application, then a deep socket is probably the best choice for you, but not ideal to use in tight spaces.

On the other hand, if you plan to work in tight spaces where the deep ones can’t fit into, then a shallow socket is the best choice for you, but not ideal to use in working with long bolts.

Different Sizes

Impact sockets come in a set that includes different sizes and prevents you from making multiple small purchases for additional sockets. 

But you should always pay attention to what the set includes, like sizes, accessories, proper SAE or metric size and make sure the compatibility with your tool.

Impact sockets come in different sizes, such as 1/4 size used for small or lighter work. 3/8 size used for medium work. 1/2 drive size used for automotive work and 3/4 or 1 inch oversized used for tough truck lug nuts. 


Customer support or service is the most important factor for purchasing a new product. 

However, if you use impact sockets daily, make sure that your investment is protected when purchasing them. 

If you won’t get satisfied with new product results. Due to any reason or break impact sockets.

So, you can quickly refund your money back or claim to replace that product.

Wall Thickness

The impact sockets are made with industrial-grade chromium-molybdenum (Cr-Mo) steel that increases strength and shatters resistance.

The wall thickness of an impact socket is considerably more significant, which improves its durability than standard sockets. 

The extended mass of these thicker walls helps the impact socket absorb the repeated blasts of torque from the impact wrench without damaging, deforming or breaking the socket.

Carrying case

The best impact sockets set comes with a long-lasting carrying case for protection, safe storage, quick organization and easy portability.

How do I choose an impact sockets set?

An impact socket set with good quality material, suitable wall thickness, different drive sizes, a good warranty, and a good quality carrying case will be considered a good choice.

Can you use a regular socket on an impact wrench?

No, because the wall of the standard socket is 50% less thick than the wall of the impact socket.

There is more chance a standard socket will crack or break when used on impact tools.

The quality and wall of the impact socket are 50% thicker, making it more suitable to use with pneumatic impact tools.

Whereas the regular sockets are ideal to use on hand tools only.


After going through all the factors mentioned above, our best pick for you is the Sunex 2569 1/2 inch drive size impact socket set. Because it comes in one master set with 43 useful pieces along with both shallow and deep sockets. It is perfect for DIYer and professional automotive mechanics.

But if someone is looking for more sockets with both SAE & metric sizes in one kit, then the Neiko 02448A 1/2 inch drive size impact socket set is perfect to go.
Due to more useful sockets with both SAE & metric sizes.

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