6 best jack stands to support your vehicle in 2021

What are the best jack stands for safely holding your vehicle?

Jack stands are the tools that move parallel with the jacks and are as important to have in a garage as jacks if you are DIY.

Both of these tools serve different purposes Like jacks are used to lift the vehicle and jack stands are used to support the vehicle.

While buying the best jack stands is all about the matter of life as we have to work under the car and want to invest in strong and durable jack stands.

We have made a list of the best jack stands that you can bet your life on.

1. Top rated the best jack stands – Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand

Overall best jack stand is Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand

This high-quality double pin stand from Pro-Lift is the best jack stand for the money. It has a supporting capacity of 3 tons (6000-lb).

A high-quality ductile iron ratchet bar makes it safe and durable while supporting a lifted car. Height adjustment mechanism comes in handy if someone wants a specific height that suits their situation of maintenance or repair.

It passes all the safety standards because of its material which makes it more safe and durable. Moreover, its double-lock mechanism by handle lock as well as mobility pin makes it safer to use.

The double-lock mechanism adds more to the safetyThis pack has one jack stand fine in everything and the other may feel inconsistent in wields
Height adjustment comes in handy when we want to support vehicle for different repairing situations
This jack stand is valuable for the money

If you want the more stable and risk-free lifting of your vehicle. Here are the best floor jacks for all your lifting needs.

2. Runner up – Amazon Basics Steel Jack Auto Stands

Amazon Basics Steel Jack Auto Stands is the best jack stand

These steel jacks from the Amazon basics store comes in a pack of two jack stands. It has a supporting capacity of 2 tons (4000-lb) when used together.

Has a ratchet locking feature in it and doesn’t require any external locking pins to lock the stand while holding a vehicle.

Can be used to support sedans, and up to crossovers. It can be adjusted to the required height. The rust-proof coating on it makes it more durable and long-lasting Moreover, it passes all the safety standards.

The rustproof coating on the jack stand makes it durable and helps in lasting for a long timeIn case if we have a jeep or SUV then it may be a difficult job to attain such height
Has a ratchet locking feature in it and doesn’t requires any external pin for locking the stand in the position
Very reasonable in price as compared to its competitors

3. Premium pack – Sunex 1310 Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand

Sunex 1310 Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stands

Sunex 1310 steel pin type jack stand has more capacity than supporting a simple sedan or small crossover. It is mainly designed to support SUVs, trucks, and other large and heavy vehicles because of its supporting capacity of 10 tons (20,000-lb).

It provides support to the vehicle by a pin locking mechanism. If you are a car enthusiast and love doing maintenance and repair at home then it is best to consider it because it provides more support than the requirement.

This is the best jack stand for SUV and provides very stable support and the risk of failure is very low in its case.

Very heavy-duty and built to last for a longer period of timeDue to its minimum height of 18.9,” it may not be suitable for low profile sedan or other low profile vehicles
Can lift up to a maximum height of 30” which is ideal for SUVs and pickup trucks
Provides more stability than any other jack stands on the market

4. BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

BIG RED Aluminium jack stands are made up of high-grade aluminium which makes them lightweight as well as highly durable.

They have a supporting capacity of 3 tons (6000-lb) and can easily handle a large variety of vehicles like cars, SUVs, ATVs, and up to jeeps. It has six adjustable heights with the lock pin mechanism which makes them suitable to tackle any situation.

The wide saddle on it helps in better contact with the area of support and a wide removable base provides better stability and can be stored easily after removing it.

Its minimum height of 10” makes it the best jack stand for lowered carsThe maximum height of 15.6” may feel less who own pickup trucks or high profile SUVs
Due to its high-grade aluminum material which makes it lightweight as well as durable
The wide base plate provides better stability

5. Omega Lift 32068 Heavy Duty Double Locking Jack Stands

Omega Lift 32068 Heavy Duty Jack Stands

This double locking heavy-duty jack stands from Pro-Lift has the supporting capacity of 6 tons (12,000-lb) which can easily lift a variety of vehicles like cars, SUVs, and up to light-duty trucks.

A double-lock mechanism like locking from the high quality cast iron ratchet and height adjusting handle can be very useful and makes it safer.

It is made up of heavy-duty steelwork and welds Moreover, the pyramid base makes it more stable in lifting. Passing the safety standards tests makes it more common among car enthusiasts.

The pyramid base made up of heavy-duty steelwork makes it more stable while supportingA little bit more pricey as compared to its rivals
6 tons (12,000_lb) supporting capacity can support a variety of vehicles
A wide saddle makes better contact with the surface to support

6. Esco 10498 Jack Stand, Silver colored

Esco 10498 Jack Stand

Esco silver-colored jack stands are worth buying if you want more supporting capacity than any other common 2-ton jack stands. It has a supporting capacity of 3 tons (6000-lb).

The circular rubber-coated saddle on this jack stand helps in better contact with the vehicle you are supporting. Moreover, a wide base helps in better stability.

It can be used to deal with any condition to fulfill your supporting need because it has a height adjustment feature by the locking pin mechanism.

Powder-coated finish on a jack stand helps in preventing rustThe built quality of a rubber pad on the saddle is not good and it may break after using it a couple of times
Better stability due to wide base
Rubber saddle protects the car frame better than the curved axle stands

If you want to prevent your vehicle from rolling while supported by the jack stands. Here are the best wheel chocks for preventing your car from rolling.

Buying Guide – Best jack stands

Only considering that you want a strong jack stand is not enough to buy you the stands that fulfill your need. There are other things as well to consider before buying that handy tool for your garage.

Types of jack stands

1. Steel jack stands

When it comes to picking the best jack stands for old-school car enthusiasts, the steel jack stands are their first priority. This is because they prefer more heavy-duty stands for supporting their vehicle.

These type of jack stands are heavier and suits best in the garage, and are heavy to keep them in your vehicle’s trunk.

2. Aluminium jack stands

These jack stands are parallel with the trend of the changing world. They are new and first picks for the new and young car enthusiasts.

They are light in weight as compared to the steel jack stands and on the same hand, they support the heavy vehicle as well. Moreover, they are portable and are easy to carry anywhere in the car’s trunk.

3. Different locks

The jack stands can be further categorized into which type of locks they use to support the vehicle.


This is the most common type of jack stands. In this case, we have to adjust the height of the jack stand to the desired height and then slide the pin in between the holes to lock the stand in position.

This is more stable and preferable type of jack stands by the car enthusiasts.


This is a new but also a common type of jack stands but it is a little riskier than the pin-lock, as the oil-fluid in the jack lever may fail to cause the whole jack stand to fail.

The only way to lessen the risk in the case of ratchet-lock is to buy a jack stand from renowned brands.


This is the most secure type of jack stand, as it consists of both pin-lock as well as ratchet-lock in the single jack stand.

It offers more security as in the case if one lock fails then the other may support the jack stand. But as both locks are provided in the single jack most of the manufacturers compromise the quality of the jack stands. so it is better to go with the renowned brands in this case too.

What to consider before buying a Jack stand?

1. Capacity

Capacity is the first thing to consider before buying a jack stand. It came in a range from 2 tons up to 20 tons from different brands. It all depends upon our need that which one is our requirement.

Try considering different supporting capacity jacks for sedan, SUVs, pickup trucks. OR we can buy a more capacity jack stand and can use it for all types of vehicles. Remember that if a jack stand has the ability to support 2 tons of weight then a pair will be able to support such a weight for each ton for a single jack stand.

2. Weight

The weight of the jack stands matters a lot if you are DIY and do maintenance and repairs yourself. There are different jack stands of different materials, like steel jack stands are heavier than aluminum jack stands.

But it all depends on the preferences. Aluminum jack stands are lighter and can support heavy loads but some people have trust issues and they prefer steel jacks more than aluminum jacks.

3. Height

Height should be considered first before buying a jack stand. It should be cleared in mind that which vehicle we are dealing with and what is its height. we should consider knowing the minimum as well as maximum or full extended height of the jack.

Like in many cases we are dealing with low profile cars and sometimes we have to deal with the pickup-trucks. so we should buy the jack stand that is ideal for the situation we are dealing with.

4. Base Area

The base area is also an important factor when you want stability while holding your vehicle up. The wide the base area the more will be the stability.

There are different jack stands with different forms of base area like some have stable wide plates while others have wide pyramid shaped base.

Safety tips before using a jack stand

Jack stands are very risky to use and can be dangerous if not set-up properly. To make them less risky we should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Place the jack stand on a flat ground surface to avoid any kind of wobble as it can be dangerous for the vehicle as well as the person working under the car
  • Make sure the jack stand should be used for supporting the vehicle that falls in its capacity. Like if a jack stand is built to support only sedans then do not use it under pick-up trucks because they may fail if the load capacity increases.
  • Use wheel chocks along with the jack stands as chocks prevent the car from rolling in another direction
  • Only use the jack stands from a good manufacturer or renowned brand. Because the cheap brands compromise on their material making it less durable.

Does jack stand ever failed?

If we go into the past when car’s mechanic or garage owners use traditionally made jack stands that were not checked for safety standards or safety checks. There is a different story associated with many old car enthusiasts of car damage due to jack failure or the person being injured under the car.

Now are jack stands safe?

If we talk about today’s world there are fewer cases of jack stands fails as compared to in the past. Because today the material used in jack stands is of good quality. Moreover, jack stands are tested for specific loads before coming to the market and every stand has its own supporting capacity mentioned in its manual.


After going through the best jack stands on the market we finally suggest you go with the Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand which is the best among all mentioned stands because it has more safety due to the double locking mechanism, and is but of premium quality material.

If you want more jack stand that has more capacity then it is better to go with Sunex 1310 Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand. Because it can be used to support any kind of vehicle from a sedan to pickup-trucks and we do not have to buy a separate stand for sedan and pickup-truck because it has more capacity and can be used to support heavy vehicles as well.

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