6 best pressure washer nozzles for effective and safe washing

The best pressure washer turbo nozzles and tips to help wash a car.

After having the best pressure washer and pressure washer gun for cars, the next important thing is to direct the pressure of water or soap according to your need. And that’s where pressure washer nozzles came into being.

They come in different opening sizes, and styles so that we can create 6 to 7 different patterns of water according to the requirements.

As they are different in sizes that’s can be quite confusing to buy the right one for you. Here is the list of the best pressure washer nozzles that can be helpful in washing your car. And after that, we have created a buying guide that will help in buying the right choice for you.

1. Top-rated the best pressure washer nozzles tips – Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Nozzle Tips.

Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Nozzle Tips

Nozzles along with the tips give us a lot of freedom in work. As we can reach the difficult areas with different water patterns from jet to shower.

These pressure washer nozzle tips from twinkle stars come in handy while washing a car as it comes in 5 variety ( 0, 15, 24, 40, and 65 degrees ).

The 0-degree or jet is not recommended to be used directly on the surface of the car as it can peel off the paint. It is best to be used on tires if they have stubborn mud on them. And 65 degrees is most probably used for the foam cannon soap so, it is called soap nozzle tip.

These tips from twinkle star are made up of stainless steel and brass which is great to avoid any leakage and effective in directing the water pressure.

Designed for the ¼” quick connection and is rated for 4000 psi and 2.5 GMP (Gallon per minute) water flow.

Highly rated and has a huge customer baseCan be difficult in inserting and removing them on pressure washer guns.
Made up of stainless steel and brass to avoid leakage and helps in effective washingNot universal as they won’t work best with heavy-duty gas engine pressure washers.
Low cost 
Helpful in washing hard-to-reach parts.

2. Runner up – Tool Daily Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips.

Tool Daily Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips

If you are okay with the specs of the above-mentioned product but you have a trust issue with the brand and want something that is more reliable and has the option of selecting the orifice size then Tools daily also offer the same product in different orifices.

The company offers 3 options in orifice 2.5, 3, and 3.5. In the case of car washing, it is better to go with the wide opening of the orifice as a jet pressure projecting high through a small orifice can damage the car’s paint. So, orifice 3 is recommended by us to go with.

Same as the above-mentioned product they come in 5 different nozzles tips variations. ( 0, 15, 24, 40, and 65 degrees ).

Rated for the 4000 psi pressure washer along with the 2.5 GPM.

Option for the buyers to buy products in different orifice sizes.Won’t last long if used commercially for too often washing.
Helpful in washing the hard-to-reach parts.
Low cost

3. Bopopo Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle and Tips.

Bopopo Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

Here is the best package for both pressure washer turbo nozzles along with the 7 different types of nozzles tips for effective cleaning at the hard-to-reach parts.

A turbo nozzle is very helpful in removing the stubborn grease and mud that can’t be removed from the tip variations. The Turbo nozzle creates a powerful shower of rotating water that is powerful enough. It is the combination of 0 and 25 degrees that creates a powerful wobble of water so, that’s why it is also called a wobble nozzle.

It is much safer than the 0-degree nozzle tip as in the case of the tip the water remains at the same point for a couple of seconds and can cause paint to peel off. But in the case of a turbo nozzle, it rotates the water continuously to make a circular shower of water. The turbo nozzle has an orifice size of 4

Effective enough to wash and clean any stubborn mud with just water and without touching them.

Rated for 4000 psi, 4.0 GPM water flow

The package also includes 7 more nozzle tips ( 0, 15, 25, 40, 65, soap, and rinse )

Note: ( The turbo nozzle is recommended to be used on tires and less sensitive parts of the cars as it is soo powerful ).

Pros. Cons.
The Turbo nozzle is powerful enough to wash off the stubborn mud, and grease. Turbo nozzles break too often
7 Nozzles tips will be helpful in washing the difficult-to-reach parts.The turbo nozzle wastes a lot of water.
730 days of warranty and 24 hours of customer support.
Quick and easy connection.

4. The best heavy-duty pressure washer turbo nozzle – Simpson Cleaning Turbo Pressure Washer Nozzle.

Simpson Cleaning Universal Turbo Pressure Washer Nozzle

Your hunt to find the best heavy-duty pressure washer turbo nozzle comes to end here. As we have come up with the Simpson cleaning turbo nozzles.

This universal powerful turbo nozzle easily fits nearly all of the ¼” quick connection pressure washer gun.

It is safe to use with both hot as well as cold water.

Rated for the pressure of 4500 psi and 4.0 GPM of water flow.

Best heavy-duty and lasts longDon’t come with any nozzles tips variations as offered by its rivals.
Compatible with both hot and cold water.
Easy to insert and remove.

5. Best combo – Tool Daily Foam Cannon with Pressure Washer Nozzle Tips.

Tool Daily Foam Cannon with pressure washer nozzle tips

Here is the best combo for anyone who is about to buy a foam cannon gun and nozzle tips for their car.

Tool daily offers a lot of car washing gadgets like pressure washer guns, pressure washers, pressure washer hoses, etc and they have a great name among car detailers as their products are premium and last longer than expectations.

Inside the box, we will see a premium foam cannon gun with a 1 liter or 0.22 gallons of the detergent tank, and 5 different types of nozzle tips for working and helping in different scenarios.

Quick and easy connectionNot universal as they won’t fit with some of the pressure washers like a craftsman, etc.
Premium quality foam cannon gun
Fulfills your foaming needs
Top nob for adjusting foam quantity.

6. Wevove Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle.

Wevove Pressure washer turbo nozzle

Wevove is the option if you are on a hunt for a light to medium-duty work pressure washer turbo nozzle at a reasonable price.

Turbo nozzles are more than 100% effective and safe in cleaning as compared to just tips of the nozzles.

This pressure washer turbo nozzle from wevove is made up of stainless steel and brass to avoid any type of leakage

Built to be attached with most of the pressure washer guns with a ¼” quick connection.

Note: (If the turbo nozzle doesn’t work make sure to disassemble the nozzle, clean from inside, and try again. Most of the time the nozzle doesn’t work due to blockage by the tine particle in the path of the orifice).

Rated for 3000 psi of pressure, and 3.0 GPM of water flow 

Very effective in cleaning or washingIt may not be compatible with some of the pressure washers (especially with a GPM of more than 3)
Low price as compared to its rivalsTurbo nozzles waste a lot of water
Ideal for the car wash as it is not too harsh on the body of the car
Comes with an extra ¼” quick connect

Pressure washer nozzles ( Buying guide )

best pressure washer nozzles ( buying guide )

It is not about just buying the pressure washer nozzle and starting happy washing. But there are some hidden things like matching the orifice, fittings, color, and pressure compatibility that needs to be matched according to your need.

Things to know before buying the best pressure washer nozzles.

Here are most of the important things described below which should be considered before buying the best pressure washer nozzle that suits your scenario.

1. Color

We already saw that the pressure washer nozzles tips are offered by the manufacturers in different colors. But have you know that these colors are not given them randomly and are not useless.

The colors have unique features in them like

  • Red = 0 degree, which is a jet water spray
  • Yellow = 15 degrees, which is wide than the 0 degrees and it is in form of a 15-degree spray of water
  • Green = 25 degrees, it is wider than the 15 degrees and appears in form of a 25-degree geometrical shape of water spray.
  • White = 40 degrees, which is the most wider spray in the case of water.
  • Black = 65 degrees, it is most commonly used in the case of foam so that’s why it is called soap nozzle tip.

Note: ( According to experts the most and the safe nozzle on the body and sensitive parts of the car is 40 degrees and above )

2. Degree

pressure washer nozzles tips ( user guide )

Just like in geometry the degree in the case of nozzle tips is the formation of water spray in the shape of the geometrical degrees.

Like 0 degrees means that the water is in the form of the pure jet spray shape, 15 degrees means forming a 15 degrees shape of water spray, and so on.

3. Attachment

Most of the pressure washer nozzle tips appear with the ¼” quick connection as they need to be connected with the pressure washer guns as they also have the ¼” quick connect.

But rarely if we find any gun that has the ⅜” connections then we should probably be buying another coupler for the connection of ¼” to the ⅜”.

4. Orifice

pressure washer nozzle water spray illustration

Different manufacturers offer different sizes of the orifice along with the degrees of variations.

Most probably the orifice size comes in 2 to 5 and it depends upon your pressure washer and its flow rate that decides which orifice is suitable for you.

Just we have to know the pressure and flow rate (GMP) of our pressure washer and afterward, we can select the orifice size by looking at the chart provided by most of the brands in their pictures when we buy from them.

If your pressure washer has the low-pressure psi and flow rate GMP then it is better to go with a lower orifice size like 2.5 to 3 and vice versa.

Turbo nozzles usually have a big orifice size like 4 as it is used with the high pressured pressure washer and for larger flow rate GMP.

What pressure washer nozzle is safe for a car?

Unlike the hard concrete and wooden deck, the car has a sensitive body and paintwork on its surface so, if we use a nozzle with a small opening and jet water pressure then there is a probability that it might peel off the paint from the surface of the car.

According to experts, it is better to use the 40 degrees and above pressure washer nozzle and nozzle’s tip in case of washing a car’s surface. 

We can use a small opened orifice pressure washer nozzle tip onto the tires of the cars as they are the dirtiest part of the car and they have stubborn mud to be removed.

Turbo nozzles are safe and best to be used on the car tires and yes, we can also use them on the car’s surface if we maintain a reasonable distance from the car because, unlike the 0-degree jet, the turbo nozzle has the circular water spray and they don’t have the great impact on a single part on the car for a long period of time.

Are pressure washer nozzles universal?

Pressure washer nozzles are made in different sized orifices for the different pressure washers having a different pressure (PSI) and water flow rate (GPM).

Most of the manufacturers offer a chart that has a pressure, orifice, and Flow rate which helps us select the right sized orifice pressure washer nozzles.

But most commonly used pressure washer nozzles are 3 to 5 orifice size.

How to remove the pressure washer nozzle?

Most people experience difficulty in attaching and removing the pressure washer nozzle onto the pressure washer gun. People often ask how to remove the nozzle from the sun joe, Karcher, and Ryobi pressure washer. Here is the quick and easy way to do that.

First of all, turn off the pressure washer. Now pull back the release collar and pull the pressure washer nozzle out from the extension wand of the pressure washer gun. And in the same way, pull back the collar and put in the nozzle to insert the nozzle.

Note: ( Before attaching the nozzle it is better if we apply grease. In this way it will be easy for the nozzle to be attached and detached).

What do the colors mean on pressure washer nozzles?

best pressure washer nozzle ( guide )

The color on the pressure washer nozzles tip isn’t useless or placed randomly. But they have a specific categorization for the variety of the nozzle tips.

  • Red = 0 degrees. A jet water spray
  • Yellow = 15 degrees, A Little wider
  • Green = 25 degrees, A Little more wider
  • White = 40 degrees, Wider
  • Black = 65 degrees, Most wider

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