5 best wheel chocks to stop your car from rolling – buy in 2022

What are the best wheel chocks to buy in 2022?

Do you have a trust issue with parking brakes while working under a car or parked on an inclined road? Well, don’t worry we have something to add more safety for you as well as your surrounding.

Traditionally people use a log (a piece of wood) or a stone to hold the vehicle but we have many stories for its failure.

Now in today’s world, we have better holding tools called wheel chocks which are made up of plastic and rubber and are more sturdy and have more friction with the roads to hold the vehicle in position.

After going through the market having wheel chocks in different sizes and shapes we have concluded the list of the best wheel chocks at your scroll.

1. Top rated the best wheel chock – MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock

MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty best wheel chock review

The main purpose of wheel chocks is to stop your car from rolling at the time when you are working on it and when you parked at the slopy road. This pair of solid rubber wheel chocks from MAXXHAUL serves the purpose very well.

This wheel chock has a length of 8″ and this means more surface area in contact with the road offers more friction and holds your vehicle very well hence making it the best wheel chock for SUVs. Moreover, it has 4″ of width and 5″ of height or depth to better cover the tire size.

It has a built-in handle for easy placing and removing the wheel chock. Moreover, it is lightweight, durable, and easy to carry anywhere.

The traction rubber pad on it helps to avoid slippageThe heavy-duty solid rubber smells bad that may be uncomfortable for some people
More contact area with the road means more friction which the vehicle very well
Has solid rubber which is better than the plastic material

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2. Runner up – BUNKERWALL Compact Wheel Chock

BUNKERWALL is the best Compact Wheel Chock with Rope Handle

If you want the pack of four-wheel chocks to better hold then BUNKERWALL compact wheel chocks are the best wheel chocks for cars.

These are triangle-shaped plastic wheel chocks with plastic traction for better grip between tires and wheel chocks. They are very light-weight and easy to carry with on trips.

The length of 8.25″ is pretty decent and creates great friction with the road but the depth of 4.3″ is a little bit low which makes it not good for large wheel vehicles like trucks, RVs, etc. So, it is more useful for sedans, SUVs, etc. which have the ideal wheel size for this wheel chock.

These wheel chocks are ideal for small SUVs and sedansNot suitable for pick-up trucks or RV because of its smaller depth and the vehicles may roll over it
Very lightweight and easy to carry on road trips
Offer great friction with the roads due to more length and holds the vehicle very well

3. Premium pack – ROBLOCK 2 Pack Wheel Chocks with Heavy Duty Rubber

ROBLOCK 2 Pack is the best Wheel Chocks with Heavy Duty rubber

This pack of heavy-duty wheel chocks from ROBLOCK serves the purpose of preventing large vehicles like pickup trucks, RVs from rolling very well.

It is made from heavy-duty solid rubber which makes it the best wheel chocks for inclined roads or surfaces. This triangle-shaped wheel chock has a 9″ base for providing better friction with the road as well as 7.1″ of width and 5.5″ of height for better dealing with the large tires.

The built-in steel eyebolt help in placing as well as removing the wheel chock with tires.

Suitable for a large vehicle like a pickup truck or RVPricey as compared to other wheel chocks on the market
Built from very solid and high-quality rubber which serves the purpose of preventing it from rolling very wellA very strong rubber smell may be irritating for some people
Its triangular shape helps to keep the vehicle in a position very well

4. Extreme Max 5001.5772 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock

Extreme Max 5001.5772 Heavy-Duty Solid Rubber Wheel Chock

This single-wheel chock has an oil-resistant solid rubber surface for better preventing the vehicle from rolling. Moreover, it has a rubber molded handle for placing and removing the wheel chock onto the tires.

6″ height with the 4″ width and 8.25″ of height or depth gives the vehicle better support and produces more friction with the road to avoid the rolling of the vehicle on inclined roads.

Made from high-quality solid rubber to last longHas a strong rubber smell and can be irritating
Provide better preventing the large tires from rolling due to its height of 8.25”It doesn’t come in pair (this is a single wheel chock)
Molded rubber handle helps in placing and removing the wheel chock

5. Aramox Wheel Stopper, 2pcs Car Anti-slip Block Tire

Wheel Stopper, 2pcs Car Anti-slip Block Tire Slip Stopper

Extra safety means more relaxation for the mind and that is provided by the Aramox car wheel stopper along with the brakes. These are made from high-quality rubber which makes them durable to last long.

This pair of wheel chocks are compacted in size so it is easy to carry them on a road trip. Moreover, they are ideal for vehicles like sedans, SUVs, and even RV.

They are compacted in size so it is easy to carry them with youThey are more like wheel stoppers so they work best for small vehicles like sedans and not for pickup trucks or large vehicles
Made from high-quality rubber so they serve better in holding the wheel from rolling
Works more when compared to its size

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Buying guide – Best wheel chocks

Types of wheel chocks

Wheel chocks are divided into types depending upon its material of which they are made, Their surface texture, and their size in which they come.

1. Material of wheel chocks

There are different wheel chocks that are made from different materials on the market. All of them have their own benefits and cons.

Mainly the most commonly used wheel chocks are made from rubber because they are more resistant to the road and holds the vehicle in a position very well as compared to plastic wheel chocks. But rubber can be damaged by outdoor elements like water, wind. So, they can be used within the garage or sometimes outdoor with some proper precautions.

The other material of which wheel chocks are made is Aluminum and the wheel chocks made from aluminum are mostly used for heavy vehicles like trucks.

2. Surface texture of wheel chocks

Different wheel chocks come with different surface textures like some have Aluminum teeth at the base of the chocks for producing better friction among road and wheel chocks while others have serrated rubber teeth at the upper side of the wheel chocks to lock the wheel in position and avoid its slipping.

On the other hand there a cradle style wheel chocks as well but their main purpose is to store the vehicle in position when delivering it to the specific area. These cradle shapes are not used during the repair or lifting of the vehicle.

3. Size of wheel chocks

Size is not the same when it comes to buying the wheel chocks but there are different sizes available to tackle different situations or vehicles.

For the purpose of parking a vehicle on sloppy or steep roads we have to consider buying a long height or deep wheel chock so that wheel does not roll over the chock. Similarly, there are different wheel chocks for different vehicle or tire size.

How to properly use wheel chocks?

1. Park your vehicle

First of all your car should be properly parked whether it is on the side of the road or at your home’s garage. Make sure you are not blocking the traffic or other’s people way before applying the wheel chocks.

If you do so you will be wasting your energy by removing and then again attaching the wheel chocks under the wheels.

2. Get ready

The second and the simple step of chocking a wheel firstly applies the brakes of your vehicle. Don’t on rely on the wheel chocks make sure that both the brakes and wheel chocks support each other.

Now get your wheel chocks out and make sure that the vehicle is stationary.

3. Put the wheel chocks

This is the final and the most important step of how to properly use wheel chocks. Always make sure the the chocks is centered with the wheel and is not skipping from the left or right side of the wheel. It is suggested to use wheel chocks in pair because that will support your vehicle more.

Here are some of the conditions on how to use wheel chocks in different scenerios.

  • When your vehicle is parked on the level grade then, use place wheel chocks on the front as well as backside of the single wheel.
  • On an upside hill, Place wheel chocks on the backside of the two back wheels.
  • When on a downhill, then place the wheel chocks on the front side of the two front wheels.


After going through the above-mentioned wheel chocks we are finally concluding that MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock is the best wheel chock on the market to buy because they have well rubber traction pad and more base length to produce more friction and hold the vehicle very well in the position.

If you own a big vehicle like pickup trucks or RV then go for the ROBLOCK 2 Pack Wheel Chocks with Heavy Duty Rubber because they are ideal for holding large-sized vehicles with large tires.

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