9 best wheel cleaners to make your wheels stand out – 2022

Top 9 best wheel cleaners ( DIY ) in 2022

When it comes to regular maintenance and washing of your vehicle, wheel and tire cleaning is also a part of it. 

Because the design and the color of alloy wheels are stylish, but they get stuck with a lot of dust, dirt, road mud, and grime of brake pads. 

Which brings harder, thicker, oilier, and more stubborn by the time and hard to remove with water and regular wash soap.

So, the best and easiest way is we need the best wheel cleaner with the best cleaning formula to remove such containment of road and brake pads, enhance the shine of wheels, and look fresh as their original condition.

Any wheel cleaner should never try to spray on hot surfaces and always allow wheels to completely cool down before the cleaning process. 

If you are using any Wheel Cleaner for the first time on your wheels, try to test it on a small area to check the result first.

Here is the best wheel cleaners list with the best formula and easiest to use, which will be your wheel’s next best partner in 2022.

1. Top rated the best wheel cleaner & brake dust remover – Adam’s.

Adam's Wheel Cleaner Gallon

The Adam’s is a professional car wheel cleaner spray and brake dust remover, and safe on wheel cleaning surfaces like chrome clear coated & plastic dipped Wheels.

Its ultimate cleaning formula is highly effective in removing metallic contamination and stubborn brake dust

The Adam’s is thicker and rigid on removing stubborn brake dust, which leaves behind on wheels.

It is perfect and safe on finishes like factory powder-coated, factory clear coated, factory painted wheels, and high-performance brakes

This is a highly effective product with PH balanced that dissolves metallic brake contamination on contact.

With its advanced cleaning formula, this wheel cleaner is perfect for cleaning and removing the worst and stubborn brake dust that is commonly found in the barrel of your wheels.

It is easy to use. Just simply spray on wheels, then allow it to be active and remove the contamination by using a wheel brush, finish it up with tire shine and get your wheels spotless with a glossy shine within a short time.

PH BalancedPrice is high relatively than other products
Perfect for removing brake dust & other contaminationsProvides good result but not perfect like others on black rims
Provides spotless glossy shine
Safe on all finishes
It is thicker & rigid

After cleaning the wheel, apply the best tire shine to get glossy shine and protect tire from cracking, fading and UV rays.

2. Runner up: Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner, Silver

Sonax full effect wheel cleaner

The Sonax full effect silver is the best spray wheel cleaner tough on stubborn brake dustgentle, and safe on various wheel finishes

Like aluminumchromesteelPVDclear coatedpaintedplastic wheel covers, and aftermarket wheels

It is acid-free, due to its PH balanced formula, it won’t damage your wheels.

This wheel cleaner is perfect for both to do it yourself and for professional use

It is always ready to use, requires no water for dilution, and is easy to apply, effortlessly to achieve shining wheels that look like it just rolled out from the showroom floor.

The application of this product is just by spraying on wheels, and it changes color during use

The spraying color is fluorescent yellow that turns to deep red when it comes in action and gets purple when it dissolves the brake dust. 

After that, for the best result, rinse it with high-pressure water.

Always ready to use & need no water for dilutionIt’s smell is a little bit stronger than others
PH BalancedIt finishes soon due to its direct spraying method without water dilution method
Acid free
Perfect for DIYers & Professional auto detailers
 It provides effortless washing experience

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3. Best value: TriNova Wheel Cleaning Spray.

TriNova wheel Cleaner

The TriNova Wheel Cleaner spray is used to remove unwanted stubborn brake dust to restore shine. 

It is suitable for all types of wheels with acid-free formulas and easy to use.

The TriNova is a high-performance spray and is perfect to bring the wheels back to their natural shine.

Usually, it removes things like stubborn brake dust and oil residue or is highly effective in fighting against snow and salt during wintertime.

This product is designed to be safe on all types of wheels with different materials, and will give you the ultimate clean and shine.

It is entirely acid-free, which means you don’t have to worry about any damage to your wheels. 

Whether you are cleaning the factory powder-coated wheels, factory clear coated wheels, factory painted wheels, or after-market wheels of your family SUV, your sports car, sedan, minivan, or hobby vehicle.

Simple and easy to use, spray this product away from 6 to 8 inches on your wheels. Just wait for 2 minutes to get this product in action.

Perfect on all wheel surfaces & colorsSmells a little bit stronger than others
Acid freeSometimes it takes a little bit more time than others to be in action
PH Balanced
It is perfect for fighting against snow & salt during winter time
It provides effortless washing experience

4. Chemical Guys Diablo Gel Wheel and Rim Cleaner

Chemical Guys Diablo gel wheel & rim cleaner

The Chemical Guys Diablo Gel Wheel and Rim Cleaner are safe, PH neutral to use on all wheels. 

It is tough on losing contamination from wheels and gentle on the surface to restore the shine.

This Chemical Guys’ product uses concentrated suspension technology that lifts the stubborn brake dust, dirt, and other contamination from the rims and wheels

It leaves spotless results without rubbing and scrubbing them hard, which reduces the chances of damage to the wheels and rims surface.

This product is safe to use on all OEM, painted, powder-coated wheels, aftermarket wheels, chrome, decal wrapped wheels, carbon fiber lips, and painted surfaces.

This Wheel & Rim Cleaner is PH-balanced, tough on contaminations, and gentle on any surface that is perfect for cleaning any type of shiny wheel finish on your vehicle.

Perfect for spotless results without scrubbing & rubbingIt allows you to use it by adding water or by direct spraying without water but it is not high in concentration
Acid free
 Perfect on removing stubborn brake dust & other contamination
PH Balanced
Perfect on all wheel surfaces & colors

5. Mothers Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Mothers Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

This Wheel & Tire Cleaner by Mothers is a foaming and non-acidic spray with a high-performance formula.

It provides effortless results and is perfect for cleaning both wheels and tires with black walls and whitewalls.

This product is safe enough on painted, color coated, clear-coated, chrome, steel, modular, hubcaps, and factory coated wheels.

It dissolves and lifts all types of stubborn brake dust, grease, dirt, and grime, restores the wheels shine, and leaves wheels spotless perfectly clean.

It comes with a high performance formulaNot suitable for aftermarket brake elements
Provides spotless glossy shine
Tough on stubborn contaminations
PH Balanced

6. Chemical Guys Signature Series Wheel Cleaner

Chemical Guys Signature Series

The Chemical Guys signature series wheel cleaner is unique and comes with an advanced Citrus-based high-performance formula.

That is perfect for removing heavy brake dust, oil, dirt, and debris from wheels and tires.

It is perfect for cleaning chrome, painted, polished wheels, and powder-coated wheels

This product is safe enough for custom wheels. It can be diluted to meet various needs of cleaning.

Directly apply to alloy wheels, brake parts, suspension parts, rubber tires, plastic fender liners, and wheel covers

This product can even restore white wall tires back to their original shine with its unique and super-concentrated formula. Which makes your wheels and tires look great.

It loses dirt and debris quickly from the wheel’s surface, exposing the natural beauty of your wheels.

It is strong enough for the most challenging detailing jobs with its highly effective cleaning formula that quickly sinks into the cracks and holes of your wheels to restore the original sparkle shine back.

Acid-freeSmells a little bit stronger than others
PH Balanced
Safe for custom wheels
It is perfect for removing heavy brake dust
It comes with an advanced citrus-based high-performance formula

7. Griot’s Garage Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner

Griot's Garage Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

The Griot’s Garage Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner is PH-balanced, Safe on all wheel finishes, and non-acidic and non-caustic

It changes color, turns into deeper purple, and smells even better when it interacts with brake dust and then gently removes it without scrubbing hard with any cleaning tools.

With its thick solution, this product clings to the surface of the wheel, breaks down, and lifts away stubborn brake dust and road grime. 

It is safe to use any type of wheel finish like painted, color-coated wheels, chromed, uncoated aluminum, powder-coated, and anodized.

PH BalancedSometimes it takes a little bit more time than others to be in action
Safe on all-wheel finishes
Thick solution for removing heavy contamination
Changes colour when getting in action & after dissolving contamination

8. 3D Yellow Degreaser Wheel & Tire Cleaner

3D yellow degreaser wheel & tire cleaner

3D Yellow Degreaser Wheel & Tire Cleaner is highly concentrated with no harmful chemicals, which can remove grease and brake dust on any type of wheels and tires.

This product consists of the perfect mix of rich and no-harm-approved ingredients to remove grease, iron particles, and brake dust. 

It eliminates hard scrubbing and provides the highest quality results and ultimate user satisfaction. It comes in a compact design

High in concentrationSometimes you need to apply it more than one time for better results
Comes with non-harmful ingredients
Comes in a compact design that is easy to store
Tough on fighting with contamination without scrubbing hard
PH Balanced

9. Eagle One A2Z All Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Eagle one A2Z all wheel and tire cleaner

The Eagle One A2Z All Wheel and Tire Cleaner is safe enough to use all types of factory coated wheels to remove grease, grime, and brake dust to restore wheels and tires to their original shine. 

This is simple to use and easy to apply with a hose sprayer.

This wheel and tire cleaner is formulated with an effective formula

That works hard to remove brake dust, dirt, and grime from wheels and tires to provide spotless shine and prevent your wheels and tires from damage

The Grime-free tires and wheels will survive longer.

Easy to use & apply with a hose sprayerThe result is good but not like others
Provide spotless shineSometimes it takes a little bit more time than others to be in action
Comes with an effective formula for good results
PH Balanced
Safe to use on all factory coated wheels

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Things to consider when choosing the best wheel cleaner

Changing Color

One of the standard features that come with almost all wheel cleaners is changing color, which can easily be observed. 

When it comes to action, it turns to deep red or any dark color and gets purple or any other dark shade when it dissolves stubborn contaminations. 

You need to focus on its changing color after spraying and how much time it takes to get in action and dissolve contamination by observing its turning colors.


Usually, the wheel cleaner comes with two different applying methods. Some allow you to mix them with water, and the rest of them will enable you to spray directly without water dilution.

The wheel cleaner with water dilution comes with its amount or percentage of mixing it with water. 

The best wheel cleaner has a highly concentrated formula that needs more water with a small amount of liquid to mix with, which is the best value for money, and the bottle lasts up to more routine washes.

PH Balanced

The best wheel cleaner comes with PH balanced, or it is neutral with its PH level sitting around “7”.

A pH level That is more or more significant than Seven is considered too acidic.

On the other hand, a pH level lower than seven is considered too basic or alkaline.

When you select the wheel cleaner, make sure to pick the one that comes with a PH balanced formula.


It is one of the essential things that you should never avoid before choosing any product.

Some wheel cleaners allow you to use them on specific surfaces and paint, but some come with wide usage enabling you to use them on all types of surface and paintwork.

Are wheel cleaners damaging wheels?

Yes, If you are using a wheel cleaner that is highly acidic it can can damage your wheels appearance and shine.

The wheel cleaners are designed to remove unwanted brake dust and other stubborn contamination.

But If they are not handled with care and left on wheels can damage your wheels.

Do we use wd40 for cleaning rims?

Yes, it can. but it will not replace your standard wheel cleaner. It is good to use proper washing steps at the time to take off salt or snow during the winter.

But it is not recommended as a complete replacement of wheel cleaner.

WD 40 is used as a lubricant and their purpose is different and on the other hand wheel cleaner is specifically designed to remove brake dust and other stubborn contamination.

How to choose the best wheel cleaner?

A wheel cleaner that contains no harmful acidic material comes with a PH balanced formula, provides an effortless washing experience ( no scrub ), and is compatible with wheel surfaces and will be considered the best wheel cleaner for your wheels.

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After going through all the products and factors mentioned above, our best pick for you is Adam’s wheel cleaner & dust remover. Due to its ultimate cleaning formula for removing stubborn brake dust and other contamination. It is safe and perfect on all finishes.

But if someone is looking for a waterless solution with spotless results, then the Sonax full effect wheel cleaner & TriNova wheel cleaner spray is perfect to go.
Due to their ultimate cleaning formulas with spotless results.

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