How often should you wash your car? | In different scenarios

What is the best washing frequency to wash a car?

After spending a lot of bucks on your car’s maintenance, how often do you care about its looks?

Are you keeping it clean by maintaining the regular washing frequency?

Well, don’t worry here we will tell you the most efficient washing frequency to keep your car look brand new for a long period of time as well as considering your busy routine by making sure that you are not over-washing it and wasting your bucks on car wash soaps.

How often should you wash your car in general?

A man confused that How often should I wash my car

When the question arises that how often I should be washing my car? It’s a never-ending argument.

Different people have different suggestions as they consider different factors. So, to take you out from this headache we have done some research work and took advice from some experts.

It is recommended to go with three car wash in a month which means after every 10 days. If you deal with bird poop or bugs then this may require a WD-40 spray to remove it and a towel to rinse it off.

How often should you wash your car in the summers?

A man washing his car under canopy

The summer season is quite difficult for car enthusiasts to survive in. They have different types of questions in mind like where should be I washing my car i-e indoor or outdoor? What should be the washing frequency? Do I be washing it with soft or hard water?

Here we step in to solve all your queries. The first thing that comes first that where should be I washing my car i-e indoor or outdoor? It is advised to wash a car in the garage or shade (canopy) especially in the summer season. Because there is a chance that it may dry very quickly and not giving a chance to dry it out with the towel hence leaving behind the water spots all over the surface. 

Washing it with hard water or soft water is another concern. So, it is advised to wash it with soft water as hard water is rich in minerals which causes to leave spots of salt all over the car surface.

Here comes the last but not the least that It is advised to wash a car at least every 2 weeks or two times in a month to protect its paint from drying out due to high UV rays.

How often should you wash your car in the winter season?

A man confuse that How often should I wash my car in winter

When it comes to the winter season that often someone should be washing their car it is totally a mystery. Because there are a lot of factors that come in like salt on the road, when the temperature is freezing or falls after freezing, and when temperature arises after freezing what to do in these cases.

Here we will make things much easier for you that as we know that salt is very disastrous for the car’s body. So, when the temperature is equal to freezing or falls after freezing there is no need to worry too much about washing frequency as the chemical reactions slow down when it’s too cold. 

But when the temperature rises or when the temperature climbs enough that the clumps of salty slush start falling off and melting. It is advised to take your car to the wash as soon as possible and maintain the washing frequency after every 10 days.

How often should you wash your car in windy areas?

A man removing dust from his car and don't know How often should he wash his car in wind

If you live in an area where the wind blows too much then there is a high probability that your car may develop a layer of mud on its surface 

But is a fact that mud does not cause any harm to the car’s surface but if you have to deal with bird poops and bud stains sometimes then WD-40 spray and a towel to rinse off will do the job for you and there is no need to take a car for a wash.

So, in windy areas, it is suggested to maintain a washing frequency of 2 to 1 times a month.

How often should you wash your car to prevent rust?

When it comes to what is the rust behavior with your ride. It is a fact that rust is the biggest enemy of your car’s exterior. Then the question arises that how we can prevent rust So, here we go we can prevent rust by maintaining the regular washing frequency of after every 2 weeks.

Bonus tips:

  • Get a proper undercoating
  • Wash your car ASAP when you can see dark dirt on the sides of the car, this because the water evaporates leaving behind the salt to damage the car’s body
  • When you get the scratch get it fixed as soon as possible or when you see the bare metal which can get corroded very soon.

How often should you wash your car undercarriage?

Washing a car undercarriage is important as you give your car extra care and love which it requires the most. But washing a car undercarriage is not needed to be done more often regardless of certain conditions like in the winter season when there is a lot of salt on the road. Apart from that, it is advised by the experts to wash a car undercarriage 3 to 6 times a year. Unless you visited muddy areas or salty roads which need to be washed ASAP when you return home.

Bonus tips.

  • It is highly recommended to let it cool before you start washing its undercarriage because this has some risks involved if the car parts are too hot and you apply cold water you could create steam and experience significant burns.
  • Moreover, don’t use too much pressure while washing its undercarriage and make sure that the water only goes where you want because Auto electronics and other parts are not water friendly.

Things you will need in washing a car

Bonus – How to wash a car?

  • First of all, get the things ready like equipment and park your car in the shade.
  • Now start rinsing off the loose debris and dirt with the help of a water hose.
  • Take out your foam cannon gun and apply the car wash soap which is recommended as it saves a lot of time

OR if you don’t have the foam cannon gun we can still use the two bucket method. Fill the one bucket with soapy water to apply the soap with the help of wash mitts and another bucket with clean water to rinse the soap

  • Show some care for your rims and wheels and also use a wheel brush to remove brake dust or dirt from them.
  • After washing remove the excess water from all over the surface by using the water blades.
  • Now don’t leave the car and let the environmental air dry it But use microfiber towels to dry the car. Because if you leave the car to dry on it on then it will leave the water spots all over the car’s surface.

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