How to install and remove the Tesla screen protector?

To ensure your Tesla screen has long-term protection from scratch, dirt, and fingerprints, a screen protector becomes a mandatory addition. The protector fits the screen and covers the edges as well.

It isn’t a hassle putting on the protector as you will get a user manual to get instructional supports. However, make sure to remove any dust from the screen before attaching a new screen protector.

We’ll tell you how you can install a Tesla screen protector properly and keep the screen protected.

Can I install a screen protector myself?

Even if you haven’t installed a screen protector before, you can still do this yourself. You have every necessary companion available in the package for the entire process. Use a wet and dry wiper to clean the screen.

However, don’t forget to turn on the screen cleaning mode. If you are worried about the bubbles, you can use a squeegee after putting on the protector. Also, the dust grabber can take away every bit of dirt from the screen.

Keep the kids or pets out of the car while installing the protector. Stay cool-headed and follow the instructions below to install the screen protector yourself.

How to put on a screen protector on Tesla model

Seeing the scratches on the old screen protector, you have made your mind to replace it with a new one. As you have already purchased a quality Tesla screen protector, the rest depends on the installation.

We’re here to provide the right ways to put on a matte screen protector on different Tesla models. Follow the steps carefully to get the job done properly and quickly.

  • Turn on the screen cleaning mode.
  • Remove the old screen protector.
  • Use a wet wiper on the screen.
  • Then, use a dry wiper or cloth all around.
  • Remove any dust using the dust grabber.
  • Put on the installation template.
  • Peel off the back part of the protector.
  • Put the bottom on the frame first.
  • Let the protector sit on the screen.
  • Remove the installation template.
  • Use a squeegee to remove any existing bubble.

Turning on the screen cleaning mode

Now, as you need to clean the screen before putting on a new matte protector, turning on the cleaning mode is necessary. Whenever you are wiping the screen, there may be unnecessary taps on the screen.

First, tap on the car icon, and you will get the display option. Click on the display then, which takes you to another window. Down there is an option called screen cleaning mode. Tap on it, and you are ready to go.

Removing the old screen protector

Before you install a new screen protector, the first thing you need to do is remove the old screen protector. Well, the job is pretty easy, and we’ll tell you how to remove it in the upcoming section.

Cleaning the Tesla screen

After removing the old screen, you will notice dust on the edges and corners. Also, the Tesla screen can have dust here and there that can create bubbles after putting on a new protector.

1) Use a wet wiper on the screen

Take a wet wiper and dry wipe to remove any dust and debris from the screen. First, you need to use a wet wipe throughout the screen in a circular motion. It will take away even if there’s any stain.

2) Use a dry wiper or cloth all around

Now, dry out the screen using a dry wiper or dry cloth. Clean the edges and corners carefully as these are the most common place for dust.

3) Remove any dust using the dust grabber

As you are finished with the cleaning, take a dust grabber and remove any dusty spots seen on the screen. The good thing is, a quality screen protector comes with all these three cleaning materials.

Putting on the installation template or frame

To make sure the protector fits well to the screen, you need to put on a frame on the screen. The frame is well known as the installation template. Clip the four edges to ensure a perfect fit of the template.

Putting on the new screen protector

Here comes the most difficult part of the entire process, which is installing the new screen protector. Take out the new protector from the package and put it on the screen by fitting it with the frame.

1) Peel off the back part of the protector

There’s a sticker mark on the top left corner of the protector that helps put it on the screen. Carefully peel off the back part using the sticker mark.

Be careful not to touch the back or sticky part of the protector while peeling off the back cover. Use the dust grabber once again a bit to ensure the screen is completely dust-free for the installation.

2) Put the bottom & let it down

Now, put the bottom part on the frame and let it sit on the screen.

3) Remove the installation template

You can now remove the installation template and wait until the protector sits properly on the screen.

Removing any bubbles

The job is done but you are seeing a few bubbles on the screen. There are two things you can do to remove these bubbles. The first one is to take off the part of the screen with the bubble a bit and use the dust grabber there.

Removing the dust means there will be no bubbles afterward. The second thing you can do is to use a squeegee and press on the bubbles created part softly. As a result, the bubbles will go out, and you have your job done.

Turning on the screen

Tap on the screen and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds to let it wake. That’s all you need to do after you the installation is complete.

How carefully do you need to be while installing the protector

It seems pretty easy to install a new screen protector, but one must remain careful about a few things while doing the job.

  • Don’t let kids or pets enter the car during an installation.
  • Close the windows of the vehicle.
  • Make sure the removed protector doesn’t drop any residue.
  • Clean the edges perfectly.
  • Peel off the back part of the protector carefully.
  • Don’t touch the sticky back part.
  • Don’t press the squeegee with immense power.

How to remove Tesla screen protector

You have to remove the old Tesla screen protector to install a new one. But what if the protector breaks in the middle of the removal? Well, it won’t break or damage the screen if you follow the below steps carefully.

  • Choose one corner of the screen protector.
  • Put the fingernail on the corner carefully.
  • Start taking off the protector slowly from the corner.
  • Don’t do it fast.
  • Continue it slowly until the entire protector comes off.

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